Solving Mathematical Equation

In this chapter, we will solve a simple mathematical equation by using Simulink.

The equation is given below −

y(t) = 2Sin(t) + 5Sin(2t) - 10

Let us create a model for the above equation. Open a blank model as shown below −


Following are the steps to solve the equation −

  • Get a Sine wave block. Right click and select block parameters. Select sign type as time based. Change the amplitude to 2 and frequency to 1. That will be 2Sin(t).

  • Get another sine wave block. Now, set the amplitude to 5 and frequency to 2 to display 5Sin(2t). Select sign type as time based.

  • Now get an add block and add both sine waves.

  • Get a constant. Right click and select block parameters. Change the value from 1 to 10.

  • Get a subtract block where one input will come from step 3 and another from constant i.e. step 4.

  • Get a scope block and connect the input from step 6 to it.

This is how the final Simulink model looks like for the equation −

y(t) = 2Sin(t) + 5Sin(2t) - 10

Click on the run button to compile. Right Click on scope block to see the signal plotted.

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