MATLAB Simulink - Environment Setup

MATLAB simulink is a MATLAB product and to work with it, we need to download MATLAB.

The official website of matlab is

The following page will appear on your screen −

Matlab AI

To download MATLAB go to as shown below.


MATLAB is not free to download and you need to pay for the licensed copy. Later on you can download it.


A free trial version is available for which you have to create a login for your respective account. Once an account is created, they allow you to download MATLAB and also an online version for a trial of 30 days’ license.

Trial Version

Once you are done with the creating a login from their website, download MATLAB and install on your system. Then, start MATLAB or you can also make use of their online version.

Simulink comes in-built with MATLAB. Once you install MATLAB, you will get Simulink as shown below −

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