MATLAB Simulink - Adding Delay To Signals

We have learnt in the previous chapter about the different signal simulations. In this chapter, we will learn how to add delay to the signals.

Let us take a blank model and add sine wave and scope block to it as shown below −


Let us now run the model to see the simulation in scope block. The sine wave is as shown below −


Let us now add delay for the sine wave. We will make use of transport delay block from continuous library as shown below −

Pid Controller

Select the block and drag it in your model canvas. Now that we have the Transport delay in our model, right click on it and open block parameters as shown below −

Transport delay

Let us change the time delay from 1 to 3. Make the changes and click on OK button.

Now add one more input port to scope block. Right click on scope block and select the signals and ports. Select 2 for number of input ports as shown below −


Now connect the transport delay to sine wave and to scope as shown below


Now run the simulation to see a delay of 3 seconds to the sign wave. Right click scope block and select block parameters to see the display.

3 Seconds
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