Match the Column A with Column B.

Column A(Substance)Column B(Application)
(a) Oxygen(i) For making crackers.
(b) Copper(ii) For disinfecting water.
(c) Sulphur(iii) All living beings inhale during breathing.
(d) Iron(iv) For making electric wires.
(e) Chlorine(v) For making rails.

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 8

Column A


Column B


(a) Oxygen(iii) All living beings inhale during breathing. 
(b) Copper
(iv) For making electric wires.
(c) Sulphur
(i) For making crackers.
(d) Iron
(v) For making rails.
(e) Chlorine
 (ii) For disinfecting water.
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