Column AColumn B(a) Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen(i) fire extinguisher(b) CNG(ii) incomplete combustion of coal(c) Oxygen(iii) very low ignition temperature(d) inflammable substance(iv) acid rain(e) carbon dioxide(v) necessary for combustion(f) carbon monoxide(vi) fuel for automobiles."">

Match the items of Column A with the items of Column B
Column AColumn B
(a) Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen(i) fire extinguisher
(b) CNG(ii) incomplete combustion of coal
(c) Oxygen(iii) very low ignition temperature
(d) inflammable substance(iv) acid rain
(e) carbon dioxide(v) necessary for combustion
(f) carbon monoxide(vi) fuel for automobiles.

Column A
Column B
(a) Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen

(iv) acid rain

(b) CNG
(vi) fuel for automobiles. 
(c) Oxygen
(v) necessary for combustion
(d) inflammable substance
(iii) very low ignition temperature
(e) carbon dioxide
(i) fire extinguisher
(f) carbon monoxide
(ii) incomplete combustion of coal

Updated on: 31-Jan-2023


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