Managerial Round Cyber Security Interview Questions

Aspiring to hold the post of Cyber Security Manager calls for certain dynamic qualities. Along with leadership, cooperation and teamwork come a sound understanding of the technical aspects of Cyber Security. Reaching the managerial round assumes that the potential candidate has reached far along the Cyber Security highway and conquered several milestones.

How will such skills, understanding, ability, and technical expertise be confirmed? Outwardly, the candidate should impress with soft skills like effective communication, harsh language, and clever words. Answers should be to the point unless it is an open-ended question like ‘What are your hobbies?’ The following are sample questions and answers that should provide a starting point for the interview preparation.

Why you think you can succeed as a Cyber Security Manager?

After my studies, I have ample experience working in three small companies. Though it was two years of work experience, I worked double duty most of the time in the organizations, which remained busy night and day. It was hectic, but I gained valuable practical experience. The stage has come to rise further and shoulder greater responsibility. I have obtained a bird’s eye view of the cyber security scenario in theory and practice and feel confident as a manager.

What were your Educational Experiences Like?

I started with online studies for a year and earned my first certification successfully. It was completely online, and practical hands-on experience was lacking. I enrolled in a day college, and the course was partly physical classes and partially online studies. This course convinced me and assured me I could cope with demanding professional needs.

Did you like the First Work Experience?

When I finally started working after some hesitation during my studies, work was like a dream. The duties seemed like life lessons from the textbooks. Along with books, I learned from many videos in studies along with dedicated teachers. Though I took a few months to adjust to the work timings and discipline, like wearing uniforms, I have happily reached the third satisfying year of service.

Have you Heard of SWOT?

Yes, as a part of my professional training within the company. The letters stand for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT applies in every field. Every individual and company has strengths and weaknesses that we need to know. Options are everywhere and need to be taken to achieve success. In the field of cyber security, threats play a significant role. Advanced actions like restricting access and user authentication could prevent damage from threats.

Can you mention a few Professional Achievements?

faced a company crisis two times. The first was when the cyber security manager was on extended leave. Numerous computers suddenly got infected, and everybody was shocked. Work halted for a week, and a significant financial loss happened. I had to take responsibility and work with the experts to disinfect the computers. Maintenance work had been neglected for a long time, so the antivirus software licenses had yet to be renewed. We worked 24 hours to get everything in order and in good working condition.

On another occasion, I was sent officially as part of the procurement committee for IT purchases in the wholesale market along with a senior colleague. Though I hesitated, that shopping experience helped me understand how IT works. I developed many contacts and am happy that I got such an opportunity.

Do you think that Cyber Security Managers are Essential?

With increasing populations and mighty online industries after the pandemic, Cyber Security Managers have significant responsibilities. Like a family head, every company, whatever its size, requires a dedicated cybersecurity manager. Two decades ago, they were not so much needed. We live today in a world of substantial cyber threats, and cybercrime is at its peak. We don’t see them, but it is a fact. Ransomware is a reality and happens even in mighty corporations in America. The manager should be updated with the latest software tools and techniques to fight cybercrime. If drastic action is not taken, data systems and databases break down, and business hours are lost. With rising mega digital worlds, the future belongs to dynamic cyber managers.

Have you any idea about OWASP?

It is the name of an organization that deals with web security. The letter OWASP stands for open web application security project. They deal with security risks online. Some dangers are injection, broken authentication, data exposure, and broken access control.

Can you define Traceroute?

Also called tracert, it shows where a break in communication has happened. Along the way that data travels during transmission are several routers and servers. If connections are disrupted, it helps to know where the break took place. Remedial measures can then be followed up.

Know the difference between TLS, HTTPS, and SSL?

TLS means transport layer security, and it succeeded SSL or secure sockets layer. HTTPS is a hypertext transfer protocol secure. All of them help to fight security risks.

What are the weak points that lead to Security Risks?

  • Personal devices are insecure

  • Weak passwords are the problem

  • Not investing in security software

  • Not installing patches fast

Imagine your professional life after five years.

I am looking forward to determining hard work during the next five years. I have already spent about five years in combined study and jobs. I am confident of satisfying my employers and hope to rise on the corporate ladder to a senior manager if I am lucky. Since many facilities for study exist online, I plan to improve my knowledge and skills further.


Interviewing boards are very particular and must be entirely convinced before hiring a manager with incredible responsibility. Make strong positive statements and avoid hesitation. Get mentally prepared with technically updated information and put forth the best answers. If something is to be clarified, don’t worry and just ask.

A Cyber Security Manager faces a double challenge, probably the same as a manager in any department! A manager who has a strong personality with the effectiveness of leadership and motivation leads by setting examples. Outstanding qualities of head, heart, and values help the manager stand tall and grow professionally. Some believe that it is the technically savvy manager who succeeds better. It is a certainty that both human and technical qualities are essential. Constantly learning about cyber developments helps to stay ahead of the competition.

Updated on: 07-Dec-2022


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