Java Interview Questions on Constructors

Java interviews can get tricky if the basic concepts are not clear. Hence, it is essential to get thorough with the concepts and the working of Java classes, methods, interfaces, inheritance and other object-oriented programming concepts. Below are a few interview questions regarding constructors in Java.

  • Can a super class constructor be used to call a child class or sub class constructor?

  • How to create an object without using the new operator?

  • List a few rules while a constructor is defined in Java.

  • Is a return type allowed in a constructor? Why or why not?

  • Will a compile time error be encountered or a warning would be shown when a return type is associated with a constructor?

  • Is it compulsory to define constructor when a class is defined?

  • What is a parameterized constructor, can it be explicitly defined?

  • Can a constructor be declared as a private constructor?

  • Can the ‘this’ function and he ‘super’ function be used in a method?

  • Can a default constructor and a parameterized constructor be present simultaneously?

  • Are there any kind of protected constructors?

  • Can constructors be overloaded? If yes, why would it even be needed?

  • Are there static constructors?

  • Can there be final constructors?