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Nowadays, we all know that one of the most panicking moments of our life is when we have lost our smartphone. We tend to miss it during our daily commute or misplace it in any public spots. It’s now time to thank our technology growth which gives us the ray of hope to find our missing phones back. There are a few ways to remote control and track your phone even if you haven’t installed a recovery app before it vanishes.

Do not wait until you’ve lost your smartphone and then to wonder how to track it. This article will help you get the required knowledge to get prepared and track your smartphone in case of theft or misplaced phones.

Apple and Google provide you the Way!

All major smartphone platforms offer an easy, built-in method to track your device when it’s not with you, and they are extremely effective too. Most of the device tracking apps will require the device to be powered on and have a working internet connection.

The most commonly used apps for tracking iOS devices, we have the Apple’s Find My iPhone and for android devices, Google has its own Android Device Manager.

It would be easier to track your phone if you have such app installed. In case, of android devices, you still have a chance to track your phone and recover it.

About Android Device Manager

Android has a built-in Android Device Manager which allows the users to locate, lock, and remotely wipe lost Android phones and tablets when required.

At times, we might misplace our phones inside our own home and keep searching for it. Android device manager also provides us with an option to make your device ring if you simply can’t find it.

To enable this feature on your Android device, you should activate the android device manager in the Google Settings app. You should also make sure that You haven’t changed your Google Setting to disallow Android Device Manager to locate your device.

To get started users simply need to open this link – and login to your Google Account linked to your phone on your computer. This will open the android device manager and lets you scroll through your list of devices. If you have several Android devices registered, make sure the right one is chosen in the dropdown menu. Each device linked to your Gmail account will be listed per their names given and helps to find its location, or wipe all data.

Once the ADM is launched, you will be able to find your missing phone and start tracking it within a few seconds. You will be able to see the time it was located, the location, and the accuracy range. Besides locating your phone, the ADM lets your phone ring or wipe your phone.

For added security, Android Device Manager gives an option of adding a password or a pin w.r.t the lock.

To activate any new devices, the best way is to download an official version of Android Device Manager app from google play store. You can set up the new device and manage and access other devices from this app on a mobile device.

You can get a complete explanation on how the android device manager works from this app.

Find my iPhone for Apple Users

The first step to track a lost iPhone is to activate the find my iPhone menu when you set up your device. You can also download the official “Find My iPhone” app on the App Store. Find My iPhone is a cloud-based service by Apple to locate your iPhone or other Apple devices. If you are owning more than one iOS device like an iPad or a second iPhone, you can also install the app and try to locate your missing device. Otherwise, all you need is a browser and your Apple ID login details. Choose iCloud and then enter all the relevant details about your iCloud account. Once you are done, then scroll down the options and ensure that the Find My Phone feature is ON. Your smartphone is now ready to be tracked.

  • Open from any computer and log in with the same Apple ID that is associated with your iPhone.
  • Alternatively, you can also open the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device if the official copy is downloaded and log into it as a guest.
  • Now click on All Devices button and Choose any of the enabled iOS devices linked you your apple ID. A green dot means the device is online and a grey dot will indicate the device is offline.
  • Select your iPhone from the list of devices.Your iPhone will be displayed in this list. Click on it, and your device’s information will appear. Now you should be able to see its location on the map
  • You can the click on “Actions” where you can find three actions that can be made. “Play sound”, “Lost mode” and “erase iPhone”

By choosing “Lost Mode” you will be locking your device with a password and display a message of your choice together with a phone number. It also helps to enable location services on your device in case it remained deactivated.

Please keep in mind that your lost device needs to be turned on and somehow connected to the internet. If mobile data is turned off and it’s not connected to WiFi, you won’t be able to track it using Find My iPhone. If the phone has been powered off, or the battery has died, it will show you the last known location of your phone, but will not be able to show you the current address.

  • You can choose to make your phone ring in case it has been misplaced inside your own home or any known place in case you have muted it.
  • You can choose the option to Erase iPhonein case you are afraid of someone misusing your personal data and you want to get them all erased. Even if it erases all data, you will not be able to use Find My iPhone to locate your phone. All the deleted data can be recovered from iTunes backup later when required.

Although these apps need a working internet on your lost phone to track it effectively, you still have a good chance to recover your smartphone or to even find the thief. So, while it may not be any easier to realize that your handset is gone, at least you have solid hope of getting it back.

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Updated on: 22-Oct-2019


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