What is the use of Reos message app for smart phones?

Like any other message app, Reos Message is another Message App, but with a difference. It blocks junk and spam, delivers SMS/MMS with great safety, provides instant access to OTP’s, PNR for Fast Utilization and hustle free experience. For your convenience, it extracts meaning from a string of text to enable you to read only the relevant text and let you reply immediately using its unique text input layout.

Additional Features Reos Message Carries

This Message app features an organized inbox, which classifies social and promotional messages using the auto-sort algorithm, which allows you to read texts from friends and family first. It automatically categorizes the incoming text or MMS into 3 categories.

Thus, you get a clear picture of your inbox.

Inbox:Reos keeps all your personal Text/Chats received from different destinations.
Notifications:This part of the app stacks all your incoming notifications and Messages-Transaction details, ticket details, Bank OTPs, etc.
Promo:All the promotional offers right from vivid e-commerce, telecom or job vendors which hustle you are compiled in this section.
Spam Free Messaging:Reos has been built to provide a shield, which blocks junk and spam even before it hits your inbox.
Instant Messaging:With Reos, messaging becomes pretty easy. You enjoy real-time texting with friends and family using this app.

Advanced Control:The app offers next level control features where you select the category for getting the various notification
Easy Search:Reos makes searching through contacts, numbers, conversation threads extremely easy. Besides, you can search by anything you can think of to get exactly you are in search of.