Jython - Package

Any folder containing one or more Jython modules is recognized as a package. However, it must have a special file called __init__.py, which provides the index of functions to be used.

Let us now understand, how to create and import package.

Step 1 − Create a folder called package1, then create and save the following g modules in it.

def factorial(n):
   f = 1
   for x in range(1,n+1):
      f = f*x
   return f

def add(x,y):
   s = x+y
   return s

def multiply(x,y):
   s = x*y
   return s

Step 2 − In the package1 folder create and save the __init__.py file with the following content.

from fact import factorial
from sum import add
from mult import multiply

Step 3 − Create the following Jython script outside the package1 folder as test.py.

# Import your Package.
import package1

f = package1.factorial(5)
print "factorial = ",f
s = package1.add(10,20)
print "addition = ",s
m = package1.multiply(10,20)
print "multiplication = ",m

Step 4 − Execute test.py from Jython prompt. The following output will be obtained.

factorial = 120
addition = 30
multiplication = 200
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