Junagarh Fort - Gates


There are seven gates in the fort of which two were main entrances. Karan Pol was entrance from the east while Suraj Pol from west.

Karan Pol

Karan Pol faces east and is used as an entrance into the fort. Tourists have to cross the gate and through the second gate they can enter the fort. Karan Pol has been built with red sandstone. Karan Pol has iron spikes in order to protect the gate from the attack of elephants.

Suraj Pol

Suraj Pol is situated on the western side of the fort and is the other main gate to enter the fort. The gate is made up of yellow sandstone which shines like gold when sun’s rays fall on it. The gate has iron spikes that were used to save the gate from elephant attack. There are statues of two elephants with mahouts sitting on them at the entrance. The gate was also used to make announcement of the arrival and departure of royal people.

Suraj Pol

Daulat Pol

Daulat Pol is situated to the right of Karan Pol. Tourists can find 41 hand imprints on the wall of the gate. These hand imprints belongs to the wives of various Rajput rulers who committed sati after the death of their husbands. These imprints are in red colour.

Tripolia Pol

After crossing the main gate and the palace, tourists can reach Tripolia Pol or triple gate. This gate is the access to the royal chambers. Nearby the gate is the Har Mandir where the royal people used to worship. Chand Pol and Fateh Pol are the two other gates in the fort.

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