Internet Security - Safari


Safari is a web browser developed by Apple based on the WebKit engine. It comes included in the iOS and is said to be slightly different from other browsers.

Auto-download Updates

Updates for Safari are handled by System Preferences → Software Update located under the Apple menu. Set to Daily updates.

Safari Preferences

Block Pop-ups

Go to Safari Menu – Preferences – Security tab and make sure the “Block pop-up windows” box is checked.

Safari Block Pop Ups

Block Plugins/Phishing

Go to Safari menu → Preferences → Security tab and uncheck the “Enable plug-ins” box.

Delete Passwords

Go to Safari menu → Preferences → AutoFill tab and uncheck the "user names and passwords" box.

User Name Passwords


Go to Safari menu → Preferences → “Enable JavaScript” checked.

Enable JavaScript

Block Cookies

Go to Safari menu → Preferences → Privacy tab and select “Block cookies: From third parties...”.

Safari Remove Website Data

Disable Auto-Open of Open Files

In Safari, you can choose not to open them after downloading, go to the Safari Menu – Preferences – General tab. Uncheck the box that says Open "safe" files...

Safari Uncheck