Internet Security - Cybercrime


As in all the previous chapters, we have dealt with different ways to protect ourselves as to how we should not get into any scenario of a potential fraud. Now let us see what is our outer limit of what all we can do without making a computer crime or as it is called a cybercrime.

Types of Cybercrime

Following are some of the most prominent cybercrimes happening around the world.

Financial Cybercrime

This crime is when you utilize your skills or third party access for the main purpose to get financial profit. Like accessing an e-bank portal in an unauthorized way and make transactions, make e-commerce payments and take goods without permission.

Another widespread financial cybercrime is Credit card cloning all this has been mentioned in the previous chapters.

DoS Attack or Cyber Extortion

This type of a crime is when you threaten a company or a person that you will stop their services in case you are not “rewarded” with money to let the services run, which generally are Webserver, mail servers or other computer networks. We hear a lot of such cases on a daily basis across the world.


This is an act of terrorism committed through the use of computers. It can be a propaganda on the Internet, that there will be bomb attacks during the holidays, which can be considered as cyberterrorism.

Here are some other pointers that will make u a Cybercriminal −

  • If you produce a virus or any other type of malware that damages computers and networks around the world, for financial or non-financial profit.

  • If you make unsolicited bulk mails like spam to spread something.

  • If you make a phishing or social engineering attack you can be jailed depending on the country, you are living in.

  • If you own or create a black market for drug, weapon selling, child pornography selling.

  • If you crack or pirate a software, music or videos over the Internet you can be jailed for author copyrights.