Internet Security - File Download


In this chapter, we will deal with file downloading which is one of the main reasons why computer and networks gets infected. Downloading can be for many reasons from entertaining like downloading songs, movies, clips also for information gaining like documents PDF, WORD, photos, etc. or for software updates.

What can be Potentially Harmful?

With the file downloaded, if you don’t see the extensions and if they are the bad ones, then while installing your computer can get infected.

In-adversely installing adware’s where the pop ups can come time after time. Spywares can be installed that enables hackers to get financial information.

How to Minimize the Risks to be Infected from File Download

While visiting webpages that you think are safe, you can download the files that you need, but it is better to use You can go to this website and check the URL of the website which you are planning to enter. You can enter the URL and it checks for you, if the site has is infected by any virus or malware and can harm you. Or before downloading the document you copy the URL and paste it in virustotal to scan it.

Virustotal Analysis

Make sure that you have an antivirus installed and it is updated. Always scan the downloaded file for a possible virus.

Antivirus Free

Double-check the .exe files with extreme caution because 90% of the viruses use such extensions to attach themselves. These are files used by programs to run on your computer.

Always use trusted webpages to download your files. For example, for Microsoft products always get them from For hardware drivers, download them from their official webpages.

Always avoid the peer-to-peer websites like uTorrent downloads as they are from unauthenticated resources.

Skip downloading the files that people call them as they like. For example, you can see the following image for better understanding −

File Download

Check the files that you download with a MD5 Hash Value Checker. It is also commonly used to check the integrity of a file, and verify the downloaded files. One of them can be downloaded from –