Internet Security - Gaming


Online games are played over the Internet which can vary from complex graphics to multiple users. They involve many technologies most often use Java, Flash, etc. which is made possible using media streaming for user interaction. In general, online gaming utilizes various forms of socializing like forums, chat rooms, so this interaction with other users that some of them can be malicious may be hackers.

There are different types of online games −

  • Single user playing game like Miniclip
  • Multiple player games
  • Cross-platform online game
  • Real-time strategy game like Imperia
  • Browser games which utilizes directly the Internet explorers

Risks from Online Games

Nowadays most of the online games are multiple user games and the risk that comes from other users are very high and are as shown below −

  • Viruses − The player can be attacked from email attachments, phishing or instant messaging. This can result to the hacking of the user computer or the network.

  • Malicious Software − Attackers can use online games to redirect the genuine users to a fake webpage to steal their credentials.

  • Hacking that comes from Hacked Gaming Servers − This hacking can come when the server of the game has been compromised because of its vulnerability as a result this can put all the users in danger who are connected to this gaming server.

  • Insecure Game Coding − This is another type of known vulnerability where all the data of users like name, surname, credit card information can be stolen because of an insufficient security on the programing code.

Social Risks

This risk comes from social interaction with other malicious users who want to steal your data which can be −

  • Your personal Information
  • Credit card details
  • They can pretend to be a child and contact other children asking them to reveal other information.

Threats in Online Gaming

Threats at games are of different types and for different purposes which can be to gain unauthorized access to play the game generally. This technique is done by stealing others’ password.

A few other very often used techniques are −

  • Dictionary attack
  • Social engineering
  • Malware infection
  • Corruption the genuine authentication software
  • Phishing user ID and password by sending emails.

Hackers can cheat at the game for the purpose of −

  • Stealing virtual property
  • To obtain higher levels of plays
  • Corrupting the gaming software which controls the levels of play
  • Skipping the policies
  • For making DoS to the gaming provider.
  • Paying for the game by using Trojans to hack and steal the Card ID and other details

What to do for secure online game playing?

  • Encrypt critical game data
  • Minimize client’s data
  • Create a security tutorial for the players
  • Complex password policy
  • Audit trails and logs
  • Patching bugs
  • Always use an antivirus software on your computer.
  • Be prudent when opening files and links sent by other users over instant messaging of game.
  • Validate authenticity of the new release of software’s.
  • Create complex passwords.
  • Update your computer. Connect securely with your browser.