Internet Security - Checklist


In this chapter, we will discuss the creation of a basic checklist which will keep us safe and protected from hackers and other malware at the workplace and in the home environment as well.

Basic Checklist

Here is a basic checklist of things that you should do to ensure Internet Security −

  • Account setup − There should be an appropriate policy that when an employee comes to the organization, who opens the account and what rights or privileges does the employee has, etc. What are the limits of the usage of computer resources?

  • Password Change Policy − There should be a policy where the frequency of the password change should be mentioned and the complexity of passwords that need to be used.

  • Helpdesk Procedure − There should be a proper procedure as to when someone calls the helpdesk user. They should first identify themselves based on something like a user ID or any other unique identification.

  • Access Privileges − This procedure should state how the access is granted to different parts of the network and there it should be mentioned who has authorized this access and whether they can authorize any extra access if needed.

  • Violation − There should be a policy for reporting any violations to any policy.

  • Employee Identification − They should be forced to wear an ID badge and any guest coming in should be registered if possible with a temporary or a visitor badge.

  • Privacy Policy − There should be a policy where the employees should check up to what level are they authorized to give information and when this level is passed to whom they should speak to.

  • Document Destruction − It should be checked if all the documents which are of no use any further are shred or burned.

  • Physical Restriction Access − Physical access should be protected with limited access and they should be allowed only for the employees.

  • Antivirus in Place − It is mandatory in such cases to check if the antivirus is functioning with all it functions like mail antivirus, file scanning, web scanning, etc.

  • Network Filtering − It is highly recommended to check if your network is filtered with all the accounts to the level of access of different employees. In the home environment you need to check for your parental control software, if it is in place or not.