Internet of Things - Salesforce

The Salesforce IoT Cloud is a platform for storing and processing IoT data. It uses the Thunder engine for scalable, real-time event processing. Its collection of application development components, known as Lightning, powers its applications. It gathers data from devices, websites, applications, customers, and partners to trigger actions for real-time responses.


Salesforce, a CRM leader, decided to enter this space due to the need to remain competitive in the coming era. The IoT cloud adds to Salesforce by expanding its reach, and the depth of its analytics.

Salesforce combined with IoT delivers dramatically improved customer service with tighter integration and responses to real-time events; for example, adjustments in wind turbines could trigger automatic rebooking of delayed/canceled connecting flights before airline passengers land.

Electric Imp

The Electric Imp platform is Salesforce's recommended method for quickly connecting devices to the cloud. You develop applications through the Squirrel language; a high level, OO, lightweight scripting language. Applications consist of two modules: the device module, which runs on the device; and the agent module, which runs in the Electric Imp cloud. The platform ensures secure communication between the modules, and you send devices messages with a simple call −

agent.send("nameOfmessage", data);

Listen for messages on the agent with the following code −

device.on("nameOfmessage", function(data) { 
  //Data operations 


Beyond these basic tasks, coding for device interaction, monitoring, and response resembles standard web application development, and uses a simple, easy-to-learn syntax.