Internet of Things - Consumer Applications

Consumers benefit personally and professionally from the optimization and data analysis of IoT. IoT technology behaves like a team of personal assistants, advisors, and security. It enhances the way we live, work, and play.


IoT takes the place of a full staff −

  • Butler − IoT waits for you to return home, and ensures your home remains fully prepared. It monitors your supplies, family, and the state of your home. It takes actions to resolve any issues that appear.

  • Chef − An IoT kitchen prepares meals or simply aids you in preparing them.

  • Nanny − IoT can somewhat act as a guardian by controlling access, providing supplies, and alerting the proper individuals in an emergency.

  • Gardner − The same IoT systems of a farm easily work for home landscaping.

  • Repairman − Smart systems perform key maintenance and repairs, and also request them.

  • Security Guard − IoT watches over you 24/7. It can observe suspicious individuals miles away, and recognize the potential of minor equipment problems to become disasters well before they do.

Connected Stove

This smart, connected stove from Whirlpool allows two different heat settings on the same surface, remote monitoring, and remote control.


A smart office or other workspace combines customization of the work environment with smart tools. IoT learns about you, your job, and the way you work to deliver an optimized environment. This results in practical accommodations like adjusting the room temperature, but also more advanced benefits like modifying your schedule and the tools you use to increase your output and reduce your work time. IoT acts as a manager and consultant capable of seeing what you cannot.


IoT learns as much about you personally as it does professionally. This enables the technology to support leisure −

  • Culture and Night Life − IoT can analyze your real-world activities and response to guide you in finding more of the things and places you enjoy such as recommending restaurants and events based on your preferences and experiences.

  • Vacations − Planning and saving for vacations proves difficult for some, and many utilize agencies, which can be replaced by IoT.

  • Products and Services − IoT offers better analysis of the products you like and need than current analytics based on its deeper access. It integrates with key information like your finances to recommend great solutions.

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