IoT - Law Enforcement Applications

IoT enhances law enforcement organizations and practice, and improves the justice system. The technology boosts transparency, distributes critical data, and removes human intervention where it proves unnecessary.


Law enforcement can be challenging. IoT acts as an instrument of law enforcement which reduces manual labor and subjective decisions through better data, information sharing, and advanced automation. IoT systems shave costs by reducing human labor in certain areas such as certain traffic violations.

IoT aids in creating better solutions to problems by using technology in the place of force; for example, light in-person investigations of suspicious activities can be replaced with remote observation, logged footage of violations, and electronic ticketing. It also reduces corruption by removing human control and opinion for some violations.

Tracking Dart

This dart planted in a truck gate prevents dangerous car chases. A patrol car launches the tracking dart which pierces the vehicle. Then the main system receives all data needed to locate the vehicle.

Court System

Current court systems utilize traditional technology and resources. They generally do not exploit modern analytics or automation outside of minor legal tasks. IoT brings superior analytics, better evidence, and optimized processes to court systems which accelerate processes, eliminate excessive procedures, manage corruption, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction.

In the criminal court system, this can result in a more effective and fair system. In routine court services, it introduces automation similar to that of common government office services; for example, IoT can automate forming an LLC.

IoT combined with new regulations can remove lawyers from many common legal tasks or reduce the need for their involvement. This reduces costs and accelerates many processes which often require months of traversing legal procedures and bureaucracy.

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