IoT - Building/Housing Applications

IoT applied to buildings and various structures allows us to automate routine residential and commercial tasks and needs in a way that dramatically improves living and working environments. This, as seen with manufacturing and energy applications, reduces costs, enhances safety, improves individual productivity, and enhances quality of life.

Environment and Conditioning

One of the greatest challenges in the engineering of buildings remains management of environment and conditions due to many factors at work. These factors include building materials, climate, building use, and more. Managing energy costs receives the most attention, but conditioning also impacts the durability and state of the structure.

IoT aids in improving structure design and managing existing structures through more accurate and complete data on buildings. It provides important engineering information such as how well a material performs as insulation in a particular design and environment.

Health and Safety

Buildings, even when constructed with care, can suffer from certain health and safety issues. These issues include poor performing materials, flaws that leave the building vulnerable to extreme weather, poor foundations, and more.

Smart Plug

The Boss 220 smart plug allows the user to monitor, control, optimize, and automate all plug-in devices. Users employ their mobile device or desktop to view performance information and control devices from anywhere.

Current solutions lack the sophistication needed to detect minor issues before they become major issues, or emergencies. IoT offers a more reliable and complete solution by observing issues in a fine-grained way to control dangers and aid in preventing them; for example, it can measure changes in a system's state impacting fire safety rather than simply detecting smoke.

Productivity and Quality of Life

Beyond safety or energy concerns, most people desire certain comforts from housing or commercial spaces like specific lighting and temperature. IoT enhances these comforts by allowing faster and easier customizing.

Adjustments also apply to the area of productivity. They personalize spaces to create an optimized environment such as a smart office or kitchen prepared for a specific individual.

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