Instagram Alternatives

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a platform which can be used for sharing images and videos. It is a free platform and can be used on iOS and Android devices. Pictures and videos uploaded by users can be easily shared with a group of friends or an individual. You can give reactions and add comments to the content of your connections. A new user whose age is 13 and above can create an account and use the platform for free.

Price Plans of Instagram

Instagram is a platform that can be used for free. No subscription fee is needed to use it.

Why Instagram Alternatives?

  • Addiction to the platform is a waste of time

  • If users do not have Android phones, they cannot use all the features of Instagram

  • The app cannot be installed on all operating systems

  • There is a risk of stealing the pictures

  • Fake advertisements may be uploaded

How to choose an Instagram Alternative?

There are many advantages of Instagram and some of them are listed here:

  • The platform is available for free

  • The social networking site can be used to increase the number of contacts

  • Easy to share pictures and videos

  • People can sell their products and services through the platform

  • Reels can be prepared easily

Top 10 Instagram Alternatives

There are many free and paid alternatives to Instagram and some of them have been discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Snapchat

Snapchat is considered as one of the topmost alternatives to Instagram. Many of its features can be found on Facebook also. Stories, disappearing messages, face filters, and so on are available on Snapchat. Another feature recently added to the app is Discover The platform has AR filters whose working is better than Instagram. Another feature is Snap Map which can be used to explore events.

Alternative 2 – Pinterest

Pinterest is another great alternative to Instagram. The platform can be used to explore different types of content. The platform is popular to share content uploaded by others rather than creating one's own content. If you want to get followers on this platform, you need to have high-quality pictures. Other features on Pinterest include video tabs, lifestyle metrics, and video pin scheduling.

Alternative 3 – Pixelfed

Pixelfed is an image-sharing Instagram alternative and gives full emphasis to the privacy of users. The platform is free from ads and no tracking or third-party analytics can be done here. ActivityPub, a social network protocol, is supported by the app. The dark mode feature is available to use the app in the dark or at night.

Alternative 4 – BeBee

BeBee is considered as the baby of LinkedIn and Instagram. BeBee is a social networking platform which can be used to share various types of content with employers, clients, and customers. Users can also use the platform to promote their own brand. The platform calls users as bees. Users have to make a profile through content.

Alternative 5 – BeReal

BeReal is one of the new social media platforms that can be considered as a good alternative to Instagram. The app can be used to click pictures simultaneously from the front and back camera. You can send messages and also use the app for group chat. BeReal tells the users to be as real as they are. Instagram helps to edit pictures to make them more beautiful.

Alternative 6 – Tumblr

Tumblr is a great alternative to Instagram and it is a mini blogging platform. Pictures, videos, GIFs, and other types of content can be easily shared through this platform. Tumblr also slows users to search for their content with the help of hashtags. You can also communicate with other users with the help of private chat.

Alternative 7 – VSCO

VSCO is a photography platform. The user interface of the platform is straightforward to use. The platform is popular for its imagery of high quality. Image editing tools and preset filters are also available to enhance the look of an image before sharing. VSCO does not depend on reactions and comments of users to become popular.

Alternative 8 – Flickr

Flickr is a social media platform and is considered as a fantastic alternative to Instagram. Flickr provides its services and features for professionals. The pictures available on this platform are of high resolution and high definition. The app also provides the communication feature which users can use to chat with other users.

Alternative 9 – EyeEm

EyeEm is an alternative to Instagram and is considered as the best platform for those users who want to sell their images. Users can publish reliable and meaningful images on the platform. People who want to purchase one or more images look for images with high definition and amazing resolution. Users can download images from EyeEm and make reliable changes. The enhanced version of the image can be uploaded again.

Alternative 10 – Imgur

Imgur is a popular image-sharing application and is considered as one of the best substitutes for Instagram. It is a public platform but users can also make it private. If you want that certain pictures and videos should not be viewed by anyone, you can hide them. You can upload any kind of multimedia content on the platform. You can share them with other users with the help of hashtags.


Instagram is a popular app which can be used to share image and other multimedia content. Instagram can lead to addiction just like other social media platforms. Only Android users can use all the features of the app. Picture stealing and posting of fake ads are other disadvantages. People who do not like Instagram can go for Twitter, Snapchat, Imgur, and other Instagram alternatives.

Updated on: 07-Sep-2023


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