In what ways one can store fruits and vegetables if one does not have a refrigerator at home?

We often hear from nutritionists that we should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. That calls for procuring these from the vegetable and fruit vendor daily. But due to lack of time and various other reasons, it may not be possible to purchase these on a daily basis. This is how you can keep them fresh:

Buy the Bunch: Always buy grapes, bananas and green gram in bunches and avoid already broken grapes. A bunch of these stays fresh for a longer duration.

Use A Plastic Basket (Tokri): Onions, potatoes, garlic can be stored in separate plastic baskets with holes in them so that there is an exchange of gases present in the air which will help these to stay fresh for longer. It applies to the fruits as well.

Use A Cotton Cloth: Greens such as mint, coriander, spinach, methi, 'bathua', etc. must be stored in a dry cotton cloth explicitly. This will help them stay green and not turn yellow soon.

Use Candle Wax for Tomatoes: Wax should be applied to Tomato bulbs so that they do not rot away soon. When later one wishes to use it, wash away the wax thoroughly and wipe it off with a tissue then.

Do Not Pluck the Green Top of the Tomato: When you buy tomatoes from the market, make sure that their greens are intact. This ensures that they will stay fresh for a good period.

Check the Structure: Fruits and Vegetables with a firm structure stay fresh for a good length of time.

Select Yellow: Red Tomatoes: Do not go for jet red soft tomatoes. Indeed choose hard yellowish red ones.

Keep Sprinkling Water: Chestnuts and carrots must be sprinkled with water again and again to retain their freshness.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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