Major elements of social media marketing strategy

Now, social media marketing has become a hope for everyone who use it either for; entertainment, sharing photos, videos or messages, or for business point of view.

Earlier, it was collaborated between marketing and consumers, but now, it has become a main resource of B2B.

It is good to hear that huge number of people is interested in social media, also it is good to hear that, how many brands and organizations are interested in social media and how those brands and organizations are taking benefit of people who every time use social media for their stuffs.

Everything is good in social media, except it strategy. If you are first time getting into social media and don’t know from where to start, with whom I should start the conversation, and how to get success in all area using social media.

Here is the solution, follow the given below strategies to achieve success,

Set the Business Goals

The social media strategy respects of the goal you set to proceed further. Without knowing your goal, it is waist to get step into social media, like; if, you’re both of legs don’t know where to take steps to reach the correct destination, the legs will be keep on going.

Before stepping into social media, just have a close look on your business overall requirements that can make easier to set several personalized goals.

When communities and organizations set the goals to increase their business, there are certain things they keep in mind; growing brand awareness, recalling customers and decreasing marketing costs are applicable to everyone.

Marketing Objectives

Specific parameter values should be there to achieve the goal, for example; if the goal is to generate leads and sales then this is also important how many leads and sales should be there before goal gets success.

Marketing objectives describer things from starting to end that how you can achieve the goal. Those objectives should be explicit, quantifiable, attainable, applicable and time-bound.

To measure the progress, you should be having analytics and tracking tools. Set only those objectives on which you are capable to work, because everybody knows that how much they are capable. By putting points on objective, think twice and thrice whether you can work on that particular point or not because once things go down, it will be difficult to bring up.

Choose correct Customers

If your created online business is effecting due to bad social profiles (lack of ideal customers).

In this case, customers who are linked to you can help you on choosing, the right people, in the right places, at the right times with the right messages.

Before choosing the audience, it is important to know first their; age, profession, salary, welfares, efforts, problems, lifestyles, likes, dislikes, inspirations and objections that can make easier and cheaper to target them on social or any other media.

Select the suitable platform

If, you are new into business then keep your each are every step very carefully, while deciding platform too, choose only the platform from you are very much familiar.

Simply, creating account on social networking site by intension of growing business do not give good result, it is just wastage of time and insecure while giving correct information to the wrong place.

For any business, making good relation with customers is very, very important; you should also know which networking site they use most. After knowing the customer most likely area, take your step in a right direction.

Correct and meaningful content

Content and social media have mutual relationship with each other. This is the thing which do great job without any fee. Your single word of content on social media speaks (do great job) and call more and more customer. Use them together to reach and transform your views.

From content point of view in social media, there are three things are important; what type of content is according to the requirement, when you are posting that and how frequent you are.

When we come to the type on content is totally depends of the form and context of the content. Form describes how the content information is presented in terms of; text, images, links, videos, etc.

Context is totally depends on company or business brand and requirement. So, according to the context, content should be comic, serious, highly in depth and educational or something else.

Fix the Budget

Through Google, 30% of respondents say that social media has its own new and distinct budget. Of those respondents, 8.7% say their social media budget is pulled from traditional marketing media (i.e., TV, print and radio).

Your business goals and objectives can decide you budget on social media marketing.

Also, what comprehensive list of the tools you use (e.g., social media monitoring, email marketing and CRM), services you outsource (e.g., graphic design or video production) and the advertisement you purchase.

Make a team and assign role to them

Make a team and assign a role to every one according to their interest and knowledge. Get to know that, who can be responsible for what and how can they increase the productivity without any confusion. Things might be a bit disordered in the starting, but with time team members will know their roles and what daily tasks they’re responsible for.


Social media marketing is not a small platform, it is very hug. If you are planning to grow your business using this, you should be having proper strategic plan without that you will just waste your time and effort.

Through this post, I have tried to explain you how you can start your business. Read all above essential elements required to start the b

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