Smart ways to use Canva for Social Media

Starting out new on Canva and completely overwhelmed? When first starting out, Canva can be a tricky place to find your way through. The wide assortment of features which makes designing very easy may also sometimes lead to confusion if you are not well-versed with the platform. This may keep users from discovering the multiple smart and underrated uses of these features.

Smart and unique ways to use Canva for Social Media

In this article, we will see how you can use Canva and its features to promote a brand in smart and unique ways on Social Media platforms.

Branding Images

If the images you create get posted without the mention of the brand, then effort behind them goes in vain. Canva makes the time-consuming task of branding the images simple. One can use Canva to make the images look sleek and non-evasive to the viewer by using its transparency tool.

Pinterest Graphics and Infographics

For a growing business, its website is its best foot forward to the world, in other words, the hub of its online presence. Pinterest in this case becomes the perfect place to showcase the brand’s full potential by linking the blog post to the Pinterest boards. Canva has an extensive range of graphics and designs to help the board stand out.

Twitter Headers

Showing off your brand on various social media platforms has become a vital function in business operations. Creating a custom branded Twitter header to promote a brand can be tricky. But with Canva, it is as easy to create a custom Twitter Header because it offers a plethora of readymade templates to choose from.


Brochures are notorious for sucking thousands of bucks from our budget. Canva may not be able to replace an expert graphic designer, but for those running on a short budget, it happens to be an affordable and fast solution. The vast number of readymade designs can help in creating a handout and may also help a writer visualize the format. Canva with its wide range of templates surely eases the process.

Social Media Icons

A number of social media icons are available under the "icons" options. Though we can’t create images smaller than 40×40 but a tool can always be used to resize these images.