How you will react if Salman Khan propose you seriously?

Bollywood Industry has the highly renowned three Khans who appear and romance with every girl in their dreams. But while Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are happily married, Salman Khan is still single.

In such a case, if Salman Khan proposes to me, I will not be able to believe. In the first go, this proposal will make a person like me rub my eyes again and again in order to make myself believe that I have been lucky enough to experience butterflies in my stomach.

After settling my thoughts, I will then scream loudly and ask Salman to pinch me to make me feel all that happening is real. After discovering the reality, I will hug him and ask him the qualities he found in me so attractive to make me his girlfriend. I will happily accept his proposal after that and will be glad to go shopping with him from his brand Being Human.

I want to wear the outfit of his choice from his own brand. Then we will go to eat his favorite dish at his favorite restaurant. I will ask the chef the recipe for the dish so that I can myself prepare for him whenever he desires to it. We will also cut a cake to mark the beginning of our relationship and I will ask him to accompany me to my home to meet my parents. After which, we will distribute clothes among the poor and the needy to seek their blessings.

After spending the whole day hanging out with such a man who is the dream of many, I will thank him for choosing me and after returning to my home, I will thank God for such a wonderful gift he has given me.