How to teach shy kids to mingle with others?

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Kids who are shy, like to be left alone or feel uneasy in front of others are often low in confidence. This bars the way to their personal development and makes them hesitant to speak out. So, how to make them develop social skills, help them mingle with others and make friends?

Involve In Your Daily Chores

Help your child become more social by involving him/her in your daily chores. This way they learn the family values and the culture you follow, helping them develop a certain personality as they grow.

Analyze the Reason Behind Their Shyness

Find out if the kids are withdrawn while meeting an individual, while talking to friends or when they are in a group/crowd. This will help you to understand the real concern without getting into any confrontation with the child.

Be Sympathetic and Affectionate

Children look up to their parents when in any distress so make sure that you lend an ear to their concern, offer sympathy and be loving and affectionate when they need it.

Don’t Label them As Shy

Allow them to take the time to open up and be a part of any group or activity instead of labeling them as shy.

Be A Good Role Model for Outgoing Behavior

Children imitate their parents, so ensure that you display good behavior and show them how you interact with others helping them follow in your footsteps.

Engage In Extracurricular Activities

If your kids are shy to be a part of group activities, encourage them to engage in extracurricular activities by signing them up with kids clubs, taking them parks or making them a part of parties.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24