How to keep sugar safe from ants?

How often does it happen that we buy sugar, wheat, rice, etc. and a few days later or months later probably we find ants or other pests busy in the job of infecting our stuff? So, let us look at some easy to follow tips to protect sugar from being attacked by ants.

  • Add Dry Lemon Peel: Once we have squeezed lemon and we do not need it, we should use that lemon peel, in the storage jar assigned for sugar in our kitchen at home. The smell of dry lemon peel will avoid ants to attack the jar.

  • Use Cloves: ‘Laung’ or cloves are highly effective in preventing sugar to be attacked by ants. Add 5-6 cloves in nearly 1 kilogram of sugar and the aroma of it will keep the ants away.

  • Add Cinnamon Sticks: Cinnamon or ‘Dalchini‘ is used in cakes, soups, and tea. Its another use is in keeping the ants away. Add cinnamon in a jar of sugar and it will not allow ants to attack the sugar.

  • Add Big Cardamom: ‘Badi Elaichi‘ or Big Cardamom is again an easily found ingredient in our kitchen that prevents ants from entering the sugar jar due to its strong aroma.

  • Use Turmeric: Turmeric is not only an antiseptic, but its particularly strong aroma keeps the ants away. Use it externally over the kitchen shelf where the sugar jar is placed so that the ants do not come near to the jar even.

  • Boric Powder: Tie a small ‘Potli’ or pouch of cotton cloth with boric powder in it. Let it rest in the jar. The slightly emanating smell of the boric acid will keep the ants away from the sugar.