How to get sheet names using openpyxl in Python?

In this article, we will show you how to get all the sheet names found in an excel file using python openpyxl library.

Assume we have taken an excel file with the name sampleTutorialsPoint.xlsx containing multiple sheets with some random data. We will return all the sheet names found in a given excel file using the sheetnames attribute.



Player Name Age Type Country Team Runs Wickets
Virat Kohli 33 Batsman India Royal Challengers Bangalore 6300 20
Bhuvaneshwar Kumar 34 Batsman India Sun Risers Hyderabad 333 140
Mahendra Singh Dhoni 39 Batsman India Chennai Super Kings 4500 0
Rashid Khan 28 Bowler Afghanistan Gujarat Titans 500 130


David Warner 34 Batsman Australia Delhi Capitals 5500 12
Kieron Pollard 35 All rounder West Indies Mumbai Indians 3000 67
Rohit Sharma 33 Batsman India Mumbai Indians 5456 20
Kane Williamson 33 Batsman New Zealand Sun Risers Hyderabad 3222 5
Kagiso Rabada 29 Bowler South Africa Lucknow Capitals 335 111


Tutorials Point Tutorials Point

Algorithm (Steps)

Following are the Algorithm/steps to be followed to perform the desired task −

  • Use the import keyword, to import the openpyxl module (Openpyxl is a Python package for interacting with and managing Excel files. Excel 2010 and later files with the xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm extensions are supported. Data scientists use Openpyxl for data analysis, data copying, data mining, drawing charts, styling sheets, formula addition, and other operations)

pip install openpyxl
  • Create a variable to store the path of the input excel file.

  • To create/load a workbook object, pass the input excel file to the openpyxl module's load_workbook() function (loads a workbook).

  • By applying the sheetnames attribute to the workbook, you obtain a list of all the sheetnames.

  • Traverse in the sheetNames List using the for loop and print the corresponding sheetNames.


The following program prints all the sheet names found in an input excel file −

# importing openpyxl module import openpyxl # input excel file path inputExcelFile ="sampleTutorialsPoint.xlsx" # creating or loading an excel workbook newWorkbook = openpyxl.load_workbook(inputExcelFile) # printing all the sheetnames in an excel file using sheetnames attribute print('The Sheet names of the given excel file: ') # Getting the sheetnames as a list using the sheetnames attribute sheetNames=newWorkbook.sheetnames # Traversing in the sheetNames list for name in sheetNames: print(name)


On executing, the above program will generate the following output −

The Sheet names of the given excel file:

In our program, we used a sample excel file with dummy data. The excel file comprises a lot of sheets. By applying the sheetnames attribute to the workbook, we get a list of all the sheet names. Then we go through the list one by one, printing the corresponding sheetnames.


We learned how to use the openpyxl module to create a workbook from an excel file. We also learned how to extract the sheetnames of an excel file using the sheetnames attribute and how to display the list's contents one by one.