How to get free kindle books

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There are numerous Kindle books which are available and for years you need not buy a book for your Kindle. It is easy, you have to just know where to look.

How to Add Books to Kindle?

  • Most popular method is to send a file to an email address associated with your device.

  • You can also use, send to kindle application

  • Use cloud storage service like Dropbox

  • Even you can use Kindle EReader

  • If Kindle app is installed on your tablet or smartphone, then you should be able to add the file if you tap on it.

Few Basics First

  • Kindle Devices and App − Amazon Kindle store sells almost all books. It perfectly works for your Kindle devices as well as apps. You can manage them with ease through your Kindle cloud library and enjoy the services offered by Amazon.

  • If you are not Amazon User − There exist two solutions, one is to register yourself at and then login into kindle using US account in order to sync the book to read or you need to play few tricks.

  • Limited Free − Most books are offered for free, but for a limited period of time, so grab the offer before it is too late.

  • Tips to read on other Devices and Apps − If you do not use the Kindle device but use other devices like Nook, Kobo or Sony, in that case, you can use Ultimate Converter and convert those to ePub.

Download Free Kindle Books from these Sites

  • Amazon Free Kindle E-Books − You can find hundreds of free books, which can be downloaded and you can send them straight to your Kindle.

  • Overdrive through Public Library − Similar to library books, when you tend to checkout an eBook from Overdrive, it would be loaned for a couple of weeks and after that automatically it would be taken from your Kindle.

  • Pixel of Ink − It is a great place to locate free books for your Kindle device, but only constraint is, it is free for limited period.

  • eReaderIQ − Free Kindle books are updated hourly, hence you will not miss any limited period offers.

  • BookLending −You need to register yourself at Booklending and you will be able to borrow books which other individuals are loaning or you will loan it to others.

  • Hundred Zeros − It is easy to use and has a clean look, which makes it really easy to quickly scan the free Kindle book offering.

  • Project Gutenberg − Nearly 50,000 free Kindle books can be downloaded using Project Gutenberg.

  • net − It is a free eBook website, you can find greatest as well as latest free Kindle books.

  • Open Library  − Here you can download free Kindle books and lending services, which has over one million eBook titles offered.

  • Freebooksy − It is a free ebook blog which lists, especially free Kindle books and also does have a free nook book as well.

  • com − This is another Website where you can get free Kindle books through Amazon for all and also available for Prime members of the Amazon.

  • One Hundred free books − It is a free Kindle book website which gathers all Kindle books from Amazon and offers few excellent search features so that you can easily get your next great read.

  • Shelfbuzz − At Amazon, every day, free Kindle books can be downloaded. They also judge the best covers and put them together to look great.

  • Kindle Buffet − Each day it is updated with best kindle books offered by Amazon

  • DigitalLibararies − It gathers free Kindle books from the independent authors as well as publishers and you can download free Kindle books from their website.

  • ILoveEbooks − Here, in this site, you can latest limited-time free ebooks.

  • The EReader Café − Offers listing each day for Kindle books and also few bargain books as well

  • Freebook Sifter − It is no frills Kindle book website which lists thousands of books which has link to Project Gutenberg Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kobo for download.

  • EbookDaily − Each day, it adds three new free Kindle books to varied genres which include Children’s books, Mystery & Thriller, Nonfiction, Business & Investigation and others.

  • EBooks Habit − EBooks Habit offers numerous posts each which summarizes the free Kindle books available.

  • PixelScroll − It lists the free Kindle ebooks each day that include genre listing, cover and synopsis.

  • com − It consists daily posts on latest free Kindle books which can be downloaded from Amazon.

  • Centsless Books − Fresh content is updated each hour, offers over 30 genres of free Kindle books to choose from.

  • − Individuals can search for free Kindle books at this site by browsing through both fiction as well as non-fiction categories or by mere viewing a list top ten free ebooks.

  • BookBub − This website also keeps all updated about free Kindle books presently available.

  • Kindle Books and Tips − It is another source where one can get free Kindle books, but here you will also find discounted books getting mixed.

  • Free Ebooks daily − This site does post around 10 to 15 in varied genres such as non-fiction, mystery, romance and thriller.

  • BookGoodies −A social media page does help you find new ebooks from BookGoodies, but they also have an email service that will send the free Kindle books to you each day.

  • Kindle Owner’s Lending Library − It consists more than 800,000 free Kindle books presently available from Amazon. It is lending process, the individuals can only borrow the book and not keep it

  • Booktastik − Booktastick offers free and discounted books on this site, you can also very well follow their social media accounts for current updates.

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