How to Make Free calls without Internet?

People having access to Wifi can easily make free and cheap calling, but what, if they do not have an internet connection. Given below is a list of a few companies which have developed clever programs which helps the users to make free calls or calls at highly reduced rates.

Leveraging FreeKall Service

FreeKall is a startup company, based in Bangalore. It is a savior for many, as it helps them to make calls even when their balance is running out on their mobile phone. The Master brain behind this startup is Yashas Sekhar, the company has received an incredible response from its users, and several times the company site has crashed, as large numbers of users desire to avail its services.

How does it Work?

Unlike, Viber or WhatsApp, for FreeKall, its users need not install any application on their mobile phone, instead they need to get themselves registered on the company site and offer basic information like phone number, user’s name, email address, etc.

After completion of the registration process, the users must follow the given below few steps to make free calls from their mobile number in their nation.

Initially the users are required to dial 080-676693 from their mobile phone. Server would disconnect the users call after one ring quickly after the call get’s disconnected, the users will receive an automated phone call from FreeKall servers.

During the call, the users have to enter the phone number of the person, they would like to call through it. Then users can start talking, but they should be ready to hear an advertisement between each 2 minutes of their talk.

Presently, the company allows its users; enjoy a daily talk-time of twelve minutes and three minutes for those who have not registered on the website. As the company is in the test phase, the users are facing inconvenience due to its limited services, but once it achieves its real form, it will allow its registered users to enjoy unlimited talk time each day. FreeKall will also allow its users to make international phone calls without paying, but for now, it is waiting for legal aspects to be cleared.

Rebtet – An Innovative App

It is a new app feature from Swedish company, it allows its users to make free international calls without internet connection. The users have to spend a mere 1 USD each month. It works by hijacking local phone lines. The company has also proclaimed that its call quality is clear and similar to conventional landline call. These new features were added to already existing offering by Rebtel. It also allows the users to make unlimited app to app calls and app to phone calls.

With Rebtel, users no longer are required to be dependent to a local hotspot to make free calls, as they also need not stay connected to 3G. Thus, staying in contact with relatives, friends and business associate is easy, without staying hooked to the internet.

Rebtel takes pride in redefining the way people communicate via calling in the same way as to how WhatsApp overtook text messaging. It has taken back, phone lines from the corporation and it has put it in the hands of the consumers. It allows its users to connect with anyone they wish across the world.

Rebtel’s Wifi-free calling service offers the best possible call quality at the lowest price and has already completed more than 1 billion minutes in calls abroad, each year, the company is ready to break more boundaries.

How does Rebtel Work?

The users need to register with Rebtel; it’s free and then they need to connect their phone number to their Rebtel account. Next step is to, login to the portal and add their favorite contact to their Rebtel contact list. For any international contacts, the users wish to make, a local phone number would be instantly created and made available to the users.

Let’s say, the person whom the user wish to make contact is based somewhere in the UK, and the user is in India. Rebtel will offer the user a local UK number and the users need to save that number to their phone and label it to their contact. Then, regardless whether the user is connected to the internet or the person whom they wish to contact is connected to the internet, the call will get connected and users can chat freely without worrying about the cost, as they would require to pay rates of local phone call!

Many users felt that Rebtel offers great rates and even offers a free test call, so it is fast becoming a favorite for many of those, who have friends and family in far-flung places.

Call using your Landline

Bearing in mind the above, the users can also use a landline to call any of their contacts without internet connectivity.

The users by registering with Rebtel portal, they receive local phone numbers for each of them, so calling local number offered from a landline would help reach the people whom the users wish to talk in far off places.

Rebtel offers internet part of connectivity without users needing to connect, which results in users benefiting from cheap calls having high quality for any type of phone.

Users feel it is a great opportunity for those who may not have internet connectivity; it is even optimal when the users desired contacts do not require to be online at all.

As per the press release by the company, this particular service is available to users in more than 50 nations and it does cover around one-fourth of the world’s population.

The Ringo App

The app, known as Ringo also allows its users to make international calls from a mobile phone but without internet connection. It does very cleverly by converting user’s request to dial an international number into local number.

Ringo not allows its users to make international phone calls without Wifi or 3G but is also very cost effective. The users can also contact inside Ringo, it shows them current local time and this small detail does help them save a trip to Google.

Comparison of International Calling Rates of Various Providers

Given below is the comparison of voice calling rates (in cents per minute) offered by popular voice calling apps

Free calls without internet are available to all users on a daily basis. The above services help us to keep in touch with friends and family members without having pinch in our pocket. The above service providers rely on latest technologies and provide free and high-quality communications to all people across the world. Thanks to technology.

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