Difference between Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited

If you enjoy browsing Amazon for new books, you have probably already heard of the many subscription options the firm provides. For avid readers, Amazon has a number of membership options, two of the most well-known being Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited. Kindle books, magazines, and comics are all freely available to read on either service. As Internet access becomes more commonplace, more and more people will gravitate toward reading in digital formats. Because of these services, avid readers who don't want to haul bulky books may indulge in their hobby.

While Prime Reading is included in the price of an Amazon Prime membership, Kindle Unlimited is a standalone offering designed specifically for reading on the Kindle. In case you were wondering, yes, a Kindle Unlimited subscription is included in the free trial period of Amazon Prime. While all options provide essentially the same result, they differ in key respects, such as the devices supported, the services provided, and the pricing model employed.

What is Prime Reading?

Customers with an active Amazon Prime membership gain access to tens of thousands of digital books through the subscription-based reading service Amazon Prime Reading. It's a digital library with over a thousand books, comics, and magazines, all available to Prime subscribers for a monthly fee.

Amazon Prime members may read thousands of free and paid Kindle novels, comics, and magazines every month. Unfortunately, outside of the US, you can't use this function just yet. It's a new advantage for Amazon Prime members, who already get free two-day cost, unlimited photo storage, and a slew of other benefits.

A member of the Prime membership program may, in a matter of minutes and at no extra cost, download and start reading their favourite books in digital format.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a separate paid membership program from Amazon's reading subscription, Prime Reading. Over a million books, including tens of thousands of translations, are available through this service. Users of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service get access to an unprecedented library of electronic novels, magazines, and comics, as well as works in a wide variety of other literary genres. The tens of thousands of audiobooks now hosted on the site are also made available to users.

Customers may read as many books as they like on any device and keep their libraries for as long as they like, all for the low, low cost of $9.99 each month. Amazon Prime members have the option of subscribing to Kindle Unlimited as well.

Differences: Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited

The following table highlights how Prime Reading is different from Kindle Unlimited −

Characteristics Prime Reading Kindle Unlimited


One of the numerous perks that are automatically included with an Amazon Prime subscription is a service called Prime Reading.

Amazon provides a separate subscription service known as Kindle Unlimited to its customers.


A membership to Amazon Prime costs a total of $119 a year, which breaks down to only $12.99 per month.

Only $9.99 per month is required to utilize all of Kindle Unlimited's features.


There are many thousands of novels available on Prime Reading, in addition to a dozen audiobooks.

Over one million books are available through the Kindle Unlimited service, along with thousands more audiobooks.


The novels that are available through Prime Reading are most often chosen by editors and are quite popular.

There are a lot of self-published books by new authors and writers that are available on Kindle Unlimited.


The enormous amount of titles accessible through Kindle Unlimited, which includes novels, journals, comic books, and audiobooks, is a considerable benefit compared to the few thousand titles available via Prime Reading. While Kindle Unlimited is a good alternative to buying books from the Kindle Store, Prime Reading looks to be a subset of Kindle Unlimited with a relatively lesser number of titles. The best reading material, Prime Reading, is free to access as well.

Prime Reading, on the other hand, grants you entrance to a massive library that features not just best-sellers but also editorial staff picks. This benefit is also extended to subscribers of other services, such as Amazon Prime. Despite this, Prime Reading is aimed for serious readers who want a more conventional reading environment. As a result of the free demo periods offered by both services, you may easily compare and contrast them to make your final decision.

Updated on: 16-Dec-2022


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