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Facebook has introduced Graph search, several months back, if you already have it, then you might be wondering what’s great about it. The short answer could be, a lot of things. Given below are the clever ways as to how to use the graph search and in case, if you do not have it then find few reasons to sign up to get it if you do not have it already.

For Businesses

Business Owners can Benefit

  • It helps identify who your customers are
  • What are their favorite interests and hobbies
  • Helps Identify the interests of the competitor companies
  • Help Identify the employees who like your company products
  • Helps in improving the quality of the contest.
  • Helps to identity potential partnerships.

Identify Your Customer’s Like!

Identify the other pages which your customers like. You must try to learn the varied types of content which would help in keeping your customers engaged with your company’s Facebook page.

Search query: Facebook pages like by people

Identify the Specific pages liked by your Customers

Find what is influencing your customers to search for specific pages and also learn about other brands. You can also know their business secrets which influences your customers to search for specific pages.

Compare Customer base to Identify Potential Market

One should quickly find as to which of your customers also like related Facebook pages.

Locate your Customers

With Facebook Graph search, you can easily find as to which employees like your services or products.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Find out what your customers are buying and when they are not buying your products, so you can keep your focus on varied loyalty campaigns.

Find your Customer’s Interest

Even though the prizes are significant, but the prize what you are offering are of no significance to your customers. Then your promotion would not produce any effective results.

Sort your Customers based on Gender

You can make your promotion successful by knowing your customer’s gender because interest varies for genders. You will be able to find out which product would produce much interest to a specific gender.

Combine Facebook Queries

Definitely, people search for different queries and remember that, you can successfully combine queries and get better results. Instead of searching using basic query who like page name you can also very well add terms to find specific customers who are searching for.

Believe it or not, there exists hundreds of possibilities search combination and information received can be put to use for market research, expansion and also to know more about your customers.

We find Facebook Graph is not only helpful to businesses, but also to individuals as well. Explore Music and New books based on what your Friends enjoy. Face book’s Graph search helps discover new music, books and also movies which your friends like and get good recommendations.

For Example – Books my friends who like (X type of books). This narrower version for books my like can produce a whole lot of unusual suggestions. By trying the above search, you can very well narrow down the search to a specific genre.

Track your Facebook Activity

  • My favorite music
  • My favorite pages
  • Photos I have clicked like
  • Books I Prefer to read
  • Photos I have click like recently
  • Nearby places visited by me
  • Places I have visited recently
  • Games I prefer to play

You can view Photos of your Friends or even Strangers

  • Photos of my best friends
  • Photos of people having name (name)
  • Photos comment by (name)
  • Photos uploaded by (name)
  • Photos of my friend’s friend taken in (place)
  • Photo’s likes by (name)
  • Photos of (Person B) liked by (Person A)
  • Photos of (Person A) and (Person B)

Find new places to Eat and also Visit

  • My friends of friend’s restaurants liked.
  • Nearby restaurants liked by my friends.
  • Nearby hotels liked by my friends of friends.
  • Places in (city) visited by friends who live in (place)
  • Recent photographs taken in (place)

What is going Around you?

  • Nearby events(place) today.
  • Nearby events
  • This weekend, local events
  • Friends attending events organized tomorrow.

Know who are your Followers

  • Individuals who follow me.
  • Individuals who not only follow me but like (page Name)
  • Individuals who follow me and live in (city)
  • Individuals who not only follow but work in (company)
  • Individuals who follow me and the year they were born (year)
  • Friends of friends who follow me.

Expand your Network

  • Individuals I may know.
  • Individuals who live nearby and like (interest topic)
  • Individuals who have seen (movie)
  • Individual who have read book (book)
  • Individuals whose mother tongue is (language)
  • Individuals who work at (place) in (year)
  • Individuals who are not my friends work at (company) in (year)
  • Individuals who have completed their graduation (college name) in (year)
  • Individuals who have studied (subject) at (college) in (year)
  • Individuals who are not my friends and went to (School) in (year)

Find Someone whom you are looking for Facebook

  • Individuals who live (place)
  • Individuals who are named (partial or full name)
  • Individuals who work nearby
  • Individuals who believe in (religion name)
  • Individuals who are x years old
  • Individuals who are older than X and younger than y
  • Individuals who were born in (year)
  • Individuals who work in(x company) and previously worked at (company B).

Pages, like by Occupation

This search is believed to be greatest search for market research because It offers insight about the people’s preference who are in a specific occupation.

Take a Trip down to Memory Lane

Few of the favorite graph searches include those which actually remind us to reach out to our old friend or take us back in time.

For Example –

  • Photos I liked in(year)
  • Photos of (weddings, events, graduation) uploaded by my friends
  • Uploaded Photos taken by my friends in my hometown
  • Photos of X and me

Start Building Professional Network

Facebook Graph is a crucial tool which helps build one’s profession network.

  • Friends who works at X company
  • Friends friend who works at X company

Facebook graph helps both individuals and businesses to find what they are looking for. One important point to remember, you can always delete history of Facebook Graph search, in case your search does not produce expected results.

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