How to enhance the power of imagination?

Enhancing your imagination is very important because it can be very useful in your daily life. Imagination helps in creativity and innovation. It can be used and expressed in everything from technology and science to arts and literature. By working on the power of imagination it will help you to think outside the box.

Some people are born with more imaginative skills than others. But you can improve your imagination skills, you can develop by following these simple steps.

  • Turn off the TV − The first step is to turn off the TV because it dulls your senses. Search for hobbies which can improve your imagination. Start reading books because you have to imagine the characters, you have to bring the characters to life. Reading books can improve your imagination beyond belief.

  • Do Nothing − To be able to imagine something you need to be able to shut out external stimulation and impulses. If you do nothing something eventually will pop up in your mind. Try to come up with alternative ways to spend your time wisely and use these ideas to solve a particular situation.

  • Read a lot of books − By reading books your creativity and innovative skills will improve a lot. You don't know the character, you've never seen the character in real life, so you need to imagine the character, bring him back to life.

  • Try listening to music without lyrics − Listening to music helps your imagination to think which lyrics are suitable for this song, you keep guessing and guessing which improves your thought process and indirectly improves your productivity while you're working.

  • Write for fun − If you start writing for fun every day, new ideas keep coming to your mind. Imagination improves day by day and before you know it, you would have so many ideas right before you. Try to start working on these ideas, and eventually, you'll start working on a good idea. Before you know it, you would have created something unique.

  • Try to have stimulating conversations − Instead of watching TV all day and wasting your time, invite your friends home and start having good conversations. This way all of you can talk about your own innovative ideas and share your unique ideas with each other. Exercises like these can improve your imagination and you can get ideas from your friends. Brainstorming games and discussing answers to hypothetical questions can improve your imagination a lot.

  • Be Curious − If you're curious you'll always want to know new things. Learning new things always improves your creativity and imagination. You'll start to look at things differently. Even the ones you keep looking at every day, you'll start wondering whether this can be looked at in a different manner. Learning and experiencing improves your imagination a lot because you spend a lot of time on thinking.