How to deal with a cynical boss?

It is said that early in your career if you get a good boss, your career is headed in the right direction. The problem is, such instances are rare but does it mean that if you don't get a good boss at the rise of your career, you're doomed? No, because you should be the master of your destiny which means, you alone who can make or break your career. The world has enough options and opportunities and if you fail in one place, there are other places where you can succeed. The problem arises when people get themselves into a position of helplessness by becoming over-reliant on one individual whom they idolize, hero-worship or even adore.

No Affection Please

Honestly, that's not what I would recommend and neither will any rational person because that kind of affection in the professional sphere can be harmful to you. This is not to suggest that you should disrespect your boss or a senior; rather, you should, by all means, respect your boss for all the right things and attributes. If he has a fault or shortcoming, note it in the back of your mind. Remember, 'respect' is the word. All feelings, good or bad, are triggered by respect or the lack of it. So, even if you have a cynical boss, learn to respect his strengths because if you don't, it could lead you to make errors in judging him at critical moments.

Handle It With 'Care' Dear

So, how do you handle a cynical boss? In my opinion, bosses are generally cynical although the degree of cynicism will vary across different individuals. I am sure, during my time as a boss, my teammates would have also found some degree of cynicism in me. If the boss happens to be somebody with whom you can get along but puts you off with his unique variety of cynicism, just focus on delivering your work well in time and avoiding him as much as possible.

It will also depend on the type of person you are; if you can take his cynicism in your stride and still be friends with him, then you're the chosen one who will go places. Cheer up...cynicism is a part of the package you get at work.