How to Add Cinematic Effects On Selfies

Along with food, shelter and money internet and smart phone have become our basic necessities. Talking about smart phones along with all other criteria one unspoken necessity we all expect from our phone is front camera for selfies. A selfie for every mood, every moment happy, sad, angry or busy doing nothing.

Earlier after taking a selfie limited editing options were available, but thanks to advancement in technology we can make our picture more beautiful or funny just as we want. A new app Lollicam helps us apply cinematic effects in selfies that makes picture more appealing. Pictures give you complete makeover.

Why To Go For Lollicam

It is because this app offers various fun cinematic features which are not available in other digital tools apps. Just not your photos but videos can be edited by this app. Lollicam takes applying cinematic effects to pictures and videos to a new level.

Like you can add funny stickers and effects to your pictures and videos through the face tracking features. There is a beautification lens which simply give you make up look, you can also change the shape of your face to get your perfect selfie. Everything is done in real time so no further editing is required later.

Lots of New Exciting Stickers

Coming to features of Lollicam we have face tracking stickers like you can put a cute puppy’s mask in your face, real time filters like the beautification lens to provide touch ups or change face shapes and the cinematic effects of course making your picture or video more beautiful to adore.

Mid-video Editing Enabled

The best part is you don’t edit the picture after the click, you set all the features before taking a selfie or in the middle of video. Also, here the processing is done on your phone itself and not in the cloud. In the future we can expect animated characters merging into self generated marketing space.

Face Tracking Features Ensures a Perfect Click

Lollicam is just a fun app which gives the users complete control over their videos. The face tracking, face change shape features makes it easier to follows you around. Just with one tap you can GIF your video or share it withing your peers with your favorite app. This is the best editing app you can get in your mobiles. The face recognition feature or commonly known as the magic mirror is the best part of this app.The 400+ face tracking stickers along with the VFX effects just adds cheery on the pie. These make your simple video extra ordinary.

Amazing Sound Effects

From talking a selfie underwater or in a hurricane to selfie near the hot lava, not to forget the amazing sound effects, Lollicam has it all. Creating some animated GIFs or record a video or take a selfie and then make it more than ordinary by adding these stickers quickly and easily, You name it this app has it.

Sharing Files is Convenient

This app lets you share, edit and create beautiful videos, narrate stories,make a short movie with some cinematic effects to photos and videos. It has more than 400 stickers and 40 filters, so the user has plenty of options to choose within. So you never get bored of trying and exploring new things.Lollicam can be easily shared on any social networking platform like Instagram, Facebook or Vine. When all the existing digital tools for videos and image capturing are limited, this app goes to a completely different level of cinematic effects of recording and sharing moments.

In-app Album Storage

You can always look forward to exploring new things and all your edited pictures will be stored in in-app album. So you can easily download it or share it instantly. This app was precisely designed for iPhone and is available for free.

Extra Features in Android Version

To make things more interesting the Lollicam app in has some extra features in the Android version. There are two extra features added here. The first is a dedicated GIF mode and the second is an enhanced sticker movement abilities. This new GIF mode helps you create different forms of GIFs in pictures like bursts and video type GIFs.

While the second feature allows a user to put a mask on the image being snapped or the video being taken. In short, a sticker is placed in the face and whenever the there is a movement in user’s face vertically, the sticker also tilts with the user’s face. It’s fun to use it.

Posting a Profile Video Enabled

It’s a known fact that video has a different level of expressing and the power of connecting to people through videos is stronger than with pictures. Keeping this in mind, Lollicam has entered into a partnership with Facebook. Not only for the companies but this is a very good news for the customers as well. Now you can add a video in your profile picture itself. The fact that all your pictures could be given a final touch by Lollicam gives us new reason to connect with Facebook.

In Conclusion

With no time this app has been in the top on the App Store’s list of newly released apps. It has become a sensational trend for some time now. All its unique real time editing feature make it a hybrid of photo and video. As soon as you are done with editing your pic or video you get an option to share it.

This new app is setting a new trend in the global market; using it, a simple video or photo can be easily made to anything and everything whatever you want it to be. Lollicam can be easily installed through Appstore, Google and Amazon App Store, so check out all its current features, and you will be soon bombarded with some more fantastic ones you can explore!

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