Effects of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

We live in an era where the visible product is the product that sells. A company can adopt various methods to inform consumers about the existence of the product, and some of the methods are

  • Sales promotion − Providing the consumers with trial packs of the product. It is a paid form of communication. For example, test drives, free shampoo sachets, and others

  • Public relations − It means informing the consumers about the existence of the product through press conferences, news stories, and others. It can be both a paid and unpaid form of communication.

  • Word of mouth − The product’s end consumers are themselves, without any incentive from the company, saying positive things about the product. For example, a satisfied consumer informs other potential consumers about the benefits of the product.

  • Advertisements − Advertisements are paid forms of communication that a company uses to reach a large number of people. Advertisements assist consumers in understanding the company's product and in making a purchasing decision.

Concept of Consumer Behavior in Relation to the Advertisement

The analysis of what products to buy, when to buy the products, and how to buy the products by an individual or group of individuals is known as consumer behavior. Different consumers may react in different ways to the same advertisement. The way that a consumer reacts to an advertisement helps the company understand the trigger points and create more relevant advertisements for the product. Advertisers should record the consumer's reaction during and after the advertisement is played for a better understanding.

The various Advertising Effects on Consumer Behavior

Check out below how advertising affects consumer behavior.

Entertains individuals or viewers

Though the primary aim of the company through advertisements is to inform consumers about

  • The existence of the product

  • The various features of the product

  • The benefits of using the product

  • How the product is different from the competitor's products?

The advertisements should be entertaining enough to grab the attention of the consumer. There are trillions of advertisements playing all around the consumer; entertainment is what will keep the consumer watching your advertisement and not skipping over it. If the advertisement is entertaining enough, it will stick in the mind of the consumer, and the consumer will look out for the product while making the purchase decision shortly or may make an instant purchase decision. Entertainment through advertisements can be in the form of

  • Humor or laughter

  • Love and care for your close-knits

  • Sensual desires

  • May provoke fear

  • Self-care or self-love

  • Sadness and tears

For example, the companies that sell life insurance show the deteriorated state of the family members of the deceased person. If you do not have life insurance while you are alive, your family members will be in tears after your departure as they will have no shoulder to lean on. This evokes a fearful feeling in an individual.

Advertisements can familiarize consumers with the brand

Advertisements assist consumers in becoming acquainted with the product and the brand as a whole. Most advertisements do not create an instant purchase decision but leave an impression in the consumer's mind about the brand. This impact helps the consumer make better purchase decisions in the future. For example, if a consumer is going to the supermarket to buy groceries, they will prefer a brand that they know about over the other unrecognized brands on the shelf. If the consumer can align with or connect with the company and its vision, they may also try out new products from the brand. Consumers are more open to trying out products from brands they know.

Increases trust in the company and its products

It is human psychology to believe in things that we read, hear, and see over and over. With advertisements, brands also earn consumers’ trust. We generally relate to testimonial advertisements or advertisements in which someone like us is portrayed and we see them using the product. This visual and audio depiction of the usage and benefits of the product entices us and, in the end, helps us build trust and confidence in the company and its product. Testimonial advertisements are generally used by pharmaceutical companies. It is also observed that, though the world is moving towards the digital era, people still trust the traditional channels of advertising more. By traditional channels of advertising, we mean the news channel, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and radio. Sensodyne toothpaste, for example, shows a variety of consumers who support the brand and the product because it has helped them overcome their sensitivity issues. The brand depicts positive consumer testimonials in its advertisement.

Advertisements also help in social imaging

Advertising helps the company create a positive social image of the brand and the product. To elaborate further, celebrity endorsements or brand ambassadors help the company earn more new followers and consumers for the product. People want to have the product or try on the clothes that their favorite celebrity is advertising. It helps them get closer to their favorite superhero and their lifestyle. At the same time, advertisements also help the company sell a particular lifestyle to the consumers, and hence the various products that are needed to maintain the lifestyle. Influencer advertising is a very costly form of advertising but helps the company gain new followers and influence instant purchase decisions. It also helps in maintaining the positive social image of the brand. Celebrity endorsements help consumers put a face to the brand. For example, Alia Bhatt is the brand ambassador of the women’s ethnic clothing brand Aurelia.

Many companies and individuals see advertisements in the wrong light. They believe that advertisements help the company sell products that consumers do not need, and they believe in the pull form of advertising. In the "pull" form of advertising, the consumers seek the product and come to the company. However, in this fast-paced world, we believe that companies should not stop advertising. Companies should advertise and trigger purchase reactions from consumers to succeed and thrive in this cutthroat environment.

Updated on: 16-Dec-2022

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