How Seaborn library used to display a kernel density estimation plot (joinplot) in Python?

Seaborn is a library that helps in visualizing data. It comes with customized themes and a high level interface.

Kernel Density Estimation, also known as KDE is a method in which the probability density function of a continuous random variable can be estimated. This method is used for the analysis of the non-parametric values. While using ‘jointplot’, if the argument ‘kind’ is set to ‘kde’, it plots the kernel density estimation plot.

Let us understand how the ‘jointplot’ function works to plot a kernel density estimation in python.


import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sb
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
my_df = sb.load_dataset('iris')
sb.jointplot(x = 'petal_length',y = 'petal_width',data = my_df,kind = 'kde')



  • The required packages are imported.

  • The input data is ‘iris_data’ which is loaded from the scikit learn library.

  • This data is stored in a dataframe.

  • The ‘load_dataset’ function is used to load the iris data.

  • This data is visualized using the ‘jointplot’ function.

  • Here, the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis values are supplied as parameters.

  • Here, the ‘kind’ parameter is specified as ‘kde’ so that the plot understands to print kernel density estimation.

  • This kernel density estimation data is displayed on the console.

Updated on: 11-Dec-2020


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