How to improve general knowledge?

General Knowledge is a vast and diverse discipline which is actually an umbrella term for many subjects studied under its heading. General knowledge forms a very important component in many competitive exams.

General knowledge is crucial for students and working people like to stay in touch with the local, national and international level happenings. Following are some tips that help to boost, build and enhance general knowledge for a person.

Reading newspapers

  • Newspapers are the biggest storehouses of knowledge. Newspapers help us gauge not just the fact of general knowledge but different perspectives and angles to one topic.

  • Thus, for any student to develop general knowledge a regular and consistent reading of newspapers is a must.

  • It actually caters to 40%-50% of the content building in general knowledge.

Watch quizzes

  • With technology, different quiz shows are available in the form of TV series or on the internet.

  • This plays a crucial role in adding to the general knowledge which eventually gets built up through reading and research.

  • These quizzes test your general knowledge also at different vigor levels. So the person also understands the strengths and weak areas in studying general knowledge.

Read the right books and magazines

  • To get the learning of general knowledge on the right track, it is important to read the correct books, magazines and other materials which are content-oriented and scholarly in nature.

  • The reading material should also help in avoiding bias and colored views and opinions. Hence, appropriate library research is very essential.

Documentaries and shows

  • There are different documentary series which are telecast by different channels.

  • Some old Doordarshan documentary series like Bharat Ek Khoj is available on YouTube for the students to take maximum benefit from it.

  • Documentary and content TV shows play a very important role in giving practical knowledge about subjects like Political Science and History.

The practice of writing

  • While reading plays an important role in building and expanding general knowledge, the practice of writing the important points regularly helps in retaining the knowledge that is gained.

  • It also helps in developing some analytical and critical skills for a person by making connections and correlations to previous points.

Apps on the phone

  • There are different general knowledge apps on the phones too which cater to all these purposes.

  • These apps help us connect with current affairs, questions asked in competitive exams, reference books, etc.

  • The smartphone users should utilize this and build upon the support provided by such apps.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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