How does the 'off-the-record' chat option of Gmail work? Can these messages be retrieved?


One of the features in Google hangouts ensures that no record of your chat history is stored. To enable this, you simply have to go to −

Hangouts> Open any conversation> Go to Setting> check for the option 'Conversation History'> Uncheck the box placed in front of this option>

  • Checked: History is turned on.
  • Unchecked: History is turned off.

Now the answer to your another question on retrieving the messages is that 'You, as a user' cannot retrieve; however, your employer, in case you use a shared network, can not only see but retrieve even from 'off' mode. Although, I know that Gmail claims that no one can see and retrieve the history from this mode, but that's just a claim, not reality.

Published on 09-Jan-2019 12:08:16