How do mobiles help us in daily life?

Mobiles have become a prerequisite in our day-to-day lives. They have helped in creating a global village in a true spirit. Technology has truly enhanced our standard of living. Living without our mobiles is not possible in any ways today considering their contribution to our lives. This can be understood in the following points -

Staying Connected with the People

One of the biggest support that is provided by mobiles is betterment and advancement in communication and networking with the people. It has helped reduce physical distance with the video calling facility. People today can get in touch with people within seconds through different portal including calls and SMS.

Good Apps

There is no denial of the fact that every second person today possesses a smartphone. These smartphones have different apps that help in academics, provide entertainment in the form of movies and games, reading news, etc. These activities are an important part of our life and mobiles have helped us easily do these activities. The apps also support us to get transport facilities e.g. Ola and Uber.

Easy to carry

Mobiles are replacing laptops and other heavy gadgets today. This is because of the betterment in the RAM performance, increased ROM and above all its lightweight. Mobiles are giving the necessary ease to get the tasks done.

Managing Schedules, Reminders, etc

Mobiles have also helped in bringing about accountability in the lives of people. There are different reminders kept and targets set in the to-do list. This is especially useful for the people who find it difficult to manage their tasks individually and independently.

Information and Documentation

Browsing a lot of information is just one click away today with mobiles in our hands. Getting information for projects, research or any academic work is now possible through digital libraries, PDF and Word files, etc. Mobiles have helped in bringing different instruments and gadgets all in one. Capturing fetching images and recording videos and audio clips facilitate better documentation of important events and preserving a lot of memories. It has empowered even the most common person to do these activities with ease.

Help During An Emergency

Mobiles today act as a friend for you by not leaving you alone at any point, especially when in emergency or danger. During mishaps or unforeseen circumstances, mobiles help in connecting with helplines and support systems. These include seeking help from police, fire brigades, ambulance, child helpline nos., etc.

Updated on: 11-May-2022


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