How to help your team achieve work life balance?

Work-life balance is a very simple concept that many people fail to pursue. It is the division of your time between work(profession) and family (non-professional). Trying to balance both is a tough job for many people out there. The work-life balance may vary from time to time depending on the nature of the job you do.

You cannot divide 24 hours into two parts, It's practically impossible. Work-life balance is a state of mind where you are peaceful with what you're doing and how you manage your personal life.

Thanks to Technology, these days people are working almost around the clock. In this scenario, work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat. There is compounding stress due to the never-ending workday, and that is damaging the relationships, health and overall wellbeing of many employees.

Work-life balance means something different to every individual, but here health and career experts share tips to help you find the balance that’s right for you.

  • The work-life balance is being adapted vastly from the past 2-3 years. Employees' from various companies have been thanking their team lead for the same.

  • A team lead plays a major role in giving his team a work-life balance, as they get to decide the workload on an individual and freedom of space.

  • The efforts put in by a team lead towards work-life balance can also result in his team's job satisfaction and good retention rates.

Here are 5 ways, through which a team lead can help his team achieve work-life balance:

Understanding the employees' needs

  • The team leader needs to be flexible on the timings and be on point for the deadlines.

  • The objectives need to be discussed with his employees' and be open to hearing for what his team has got to say.

  • A person may be open to working late hours while another needs to leave 1 hour before the time. Based on the deadlines they meet, they must be given flexibility.

Show them the way

  • By doing your own work on time and taking off on a weekend and pursuing your life activities can be an inspiration to your staff.

  • Sending Emails and checking on the progress of work needs to be done during the working hours; it is good to be disconnected while you're busy in your personal space.

Work with professionals

  • If the team is falling behind and cannot come up with the deadlines, hire a professional consultant who can alleviate the burden of their shoulders.

  • Organize with the help of project professionals who are experts in what they do.

Spread the word

  • The work-life balance concept is offered to the new recruits as they're willing to work with you, it is equally important that you motivate your current staff as well.

  • Communicate with the staff regularly and keep having a feedback pole to help and cater to their needs.

Lead from the front

  • Trends and needs change on daily basis, keep up with the new trends and stay fresh.

  • Make sure you provide them with the in-demand benefits/ perks that can help build a good relationship between the employer and the employee.

Updated on: 20-May-2022


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