How can clapping make us healthy?

Have you ever seen any trans-gender (Hijra) being admitted to a hospital for health issues? You never...right? So do I and many of us never have never come across this. Because they remain super healthy throughout their life. But how do they hardly fall ill? What is it that keeps them so healthy.

Believe it or not but it's their habit of constant clapping.

How Does It Work?

Our hands have pressure points for every organ of our body and by pressing them, the flow of blood and oxygen reaches the related organ.

Types of Clapping

  • Finger Clap

Try to clap with two or four fingers of right hand altogether on the palm of left hand. Continue this for two minutes. It turns the organs like lungs, liver, gall balder, kidneys, small and large intestines, etc healthy. The pressure points of sinus also lie in the fingers of right hand. This exercise helps in constipation, acidity, urine,and breathing.

  • Gripping Clap

Open your hands and clap keeping both the palms across. This boosts the flow of energy in the body and the pressure points of the rest organs get activated. If you do this for about 10-20 minutes, you gradually get rid of body pain as well as skin diseases.

  • 'Thaap' Clap

If you clap keeping both the palms open wide and clap. Ensure that each finger, which is wide open, should come on the other hand's fingers parallel. If you do correctly, it will make a huge sound. This lays pressure on ears, eyes, brain, and spine. It helps to cure health issues like depression, sleeplessness, slip disc, spondylosis, weakness of eyes, etc. Keep on trying this clap until your palms turn red.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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