Has Shimla lost its charm in India?

Considered the most popular hill station a few years ago, Shimla is now on its way to lose its old charm. The reasons behind this unfortunate news can be many; however, this has come up as a very grave concern for environmental lovers and experts. Let's dig out how it all occurred:

Probable Reasons

  • The popularity of Mussoorie, Coorg, Kerala, Rajasthan, Goa is on the rise because the number of young travellers and couples who go to Shimla has come down.

  • The cheap flights even go abroad and it allures the travellers to travel out of the country and keeps Shimla for spared 'some other trip'.

  • The quiet and serene surrounding of Shimla does not attract the youth anymore. They want proximity to the market and pop music culture too wherever they go.

  • The rocky, hilly terrain, anytime is not a choice for the middle-aged and old couples. Thus Shimla has little or no travellers of this age group as well.

  • The never changing attitude of this city does not attract people too. One may go to Shimla in any month of the year, the city is quiet and often confused to be uninviting.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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