Hacking with Santet

This article articulates how to hack using Santet tool which has several different attacks built into one package. It allows you to create payload, Hijack Facebook Group, perform SMS bomber and SMS Spoof attack and finally Denial of Service attack. Follow the instruction below to learn how to install Santet and use it further.

  • Turn on your Kali machine, open a terminal and type in

git clonehttps://github.com/Gameye98/santet-online

  • Now change your current directory to santet using the cd command − cd santet-online
  • Now give execute permission to the santet.py file by executing this command − chmod -x santet.py, now run python santet.py as following;

  • If everything is done correctly, you should see a screen like this below.

  • From here you can choose any attack you want. I chose the first one just to show you how to use this tool. The first option is to generate a payload so that once the victim installs it on his machine; you will instantly get a reverse connection.

  • Once you select 1 the tool will ask you to type in the HOST, PORT and OUTPUT. For the HOST this is where you put in your Kali machine IP address. For the PORT just give it a random port that you can remember later. For the OUTPUT name your payload with the extension behind it. For example I am attacking a Windows machine so I give it the extension .exe which stands for executable file.

  • After you is done setting up all of the requirements. Type in y and press Enter to start the listener and set the port you want to listen on. This is the port number you assigned earlier.

  • Now you can locate your payload in the directory /home/santet-online/payload.exe like I have below. Now all you have to do is send this file to your target and wait for them to click on it and you should now be able to control their machine.

Updated on: 23-Sep-2020


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