What Ethical Hacking Skills Do Professionals Need?

Ethical hacking is a legal attempt to access a computer system without authorization. It can also access its application or data. Duplicating malevolent attackers' approaches and behaviors is part of an ethical hack. This method assists in the discovery of security issues, which may then be rectified before a malicious attacker exploits them.

What is the definition of an ethical hacker?

Ethical hackers, sometimes known as "white hats," are security professionals who do these assessments. Their proactive approach helps an organization's security posture. The goal of ethical hacking is diametrically opposed to harmful hacking and necessitates prior approval from the company or owner of the IT asset.

What are the fundamental ethical hacking principles?

Hackers adhere to the following protocol concepts −

  • Maintain your legal status.

  • Obtain proper authorization before accessing and completing a security review.

  • Determine the scope of the investigation so that the ethical hacker's work remains lawful and within the organization's approved limitations.

  • Security flaws must be disclosed.

  • All vulnerabilities uncovered during the evaluation must be shared with the organization.

  • Make suggestions on how to solve these issues.

  • Maintain data confidentiality. Depending on the sensitivity of the content, ethical hackers may be obligated to sign a non-disclosure contract following the terms and conditions set by the examined business.

So, let's look at the unique skills required to become an ethical hacker.

Computer Networking Knowledge

Networking abilities are essential for being an ethical hacker. The computer network is more than the connectivity of several devices, known as hosts, linked via multiple channels to send/receive data or media. Understanding networks such as DHCP, Suoernetting, Subnetting, and others can allow ethical hackers to investigate the many interconnected machines in a network, the possible security concerns that this may cause, and how to deal with such threats. Computer Network Tutorials can help you learn about computer networking.

Knowledge of Linux OS

The Linux operating system is an open-source project built on the Linux kernel. The GNU General Public License allows for the corporate or public distribution of the source code for this open-source and free operating system. Given that it is the most secure operating system currently in use, Linux should be researched by ethical hackers. Despite having viruses, Linux is less vulnerable to security threats than other operating systems. Linux is only partially secure, though. Antivirus software is hence not required.

Programming Skills

Programming skills are yet another essential trait for ethical hackers. So what does the term "programming" indeed imply in the context of computers? It is "the process of producing code that a computing device can understand and use to carry out various commands." To become a better programmer, one must write a lot of code. One must select the ideal programming language for their programming before beginning to develop code. The programming languages used by ethical hackers are listed here.

Programming language Python




Programming language C++

Programming language for Java


Cryptography skills

The study and use of methods for secure communication in the presence of outside parties, known as adversaries, is known as cryptography. It involves creating and assessing procedures that stop nefarious third parties from obtaining information communicated between two entities and upholding the many facets of information security. An ordinary text or communication, known as plain text, is changed during transmission into an unintelligible form, known as ciphertext, which renders it unreadable to hackers. Ensuring that information does not leak within the business is the responsibility of an ethical hacker.

Database management knowledge and skills

The foundation for building and maintaining all databases is DBMS. Accessing a database where all the information is kept can pose a severe threat to the business, so it's crucial to ensure this software is hacker-proof. To assist the company in creating a robust DBMS, an ethical hacker must have a solid understanding of this and various database engines and data schemas.

Problem-solving Analytical skills

Finding a practical solution and locating the root of an issue are made possible by problem-solving abilities. Ethical hackers must possess the technical skills mentioned above and be able to think critically and get solutions quickly. They must be eager to pick up new techniques and ensure that all security gaps are thoroughly investigated. This calls for a lot of testing and a creative desire to develop new ways to solve problems.

Knowledge of Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering should also be a skill that an ethical hacker is familiar with. A product's structure, features, and requirements can also be discovered by studying its code. Furthermore, information may be retrieved from the catalog of programs. Reverse engineering aims to make a system more straightforward to understand and record since maintaining an outdated system may take a lot of work.

Reverse engineering is also often used in software security to ensure that the framework has no significant security flaws or weaknesses. Additionally, it helps to stabilize a gadget. It, therefore, shields it against malware and hackers. Furthermore, some software developers employ the ethical hacking approach to check their systems for bugs.

Knowledge about Artificial-Intelligence and its usage.

Hackers use machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to decode encrypted data and guess passwords. Furthermore, AI can do security diagnostics and filter out risky websites and connections, making it effective against phishing attacks. Therefore, ethical hackers need to be skilled at getting around security measures and using the right AI technologies for post-hack security fixes.


You now have extensive knowledge of the abilities and requirements of ethical hackers. Additionally, having this knowledge may help you land a position as an ethical hacker. The need for ethical hackers is rising, making this the ideal time to enroll in a trustworthy, honest hacking certification program and start a successful career.

Updated on: 12-Dec-2022


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