From a circular card sheet of radius $14\ cm$, two circles of radius $3.5\ cm$ and a rectangle of length $3\ cm$ and breadth 1cm are removed. $(as\ shown\ in\ the\ adjoining\ figure)$. Find the area of the remaining sheet. $(Take\ \pi=\frac{22}{7})$

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Radius of the circular sheet$=14\ cm$

Area$=\pi r^2=\frac{22}{7}\times14\times14\ cm^2$

$=616\ cm^2$

Area of 2 small circles$=2\pi r^2$

$=2\times\frac{22}{7}\times3.5\times3.5\ cm^2$

$=77.0\ cm^2$

Area of the rectangle$=l\times b$

$=3\times 1\ cm^2$

$=3\ cm^2$

Area of the remaining sheet after removing the 2 circles and 1 rectangle

$=616\ cm^2-(77+3)\ cm^2$

$=616\ cm^2-80\ cm^2$

$=536\ cm^2$
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