A circle of radius $2\ cm$ is cut out from a square piece of an aluminium sheet of side $6\ cm$. What is the area of the left over aluminium sheet? $(Take\ \pi=3.14)$

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Side of the square sheet$=6\ m$

Area of the sheet$=(Side)^2=(6)^2=36\ cm^2$

The radius of the circle$=2\ cm$

Area of the circle to be cut out$=\pi r^2$

$=\frac{22}{7}\times2\times2=\frac{88}{7}\ cm^2$

Area of the leftover sheet

$=36\ cm^2-\frac{88}{7}\ cm^2$

$=\frac{252-88}{7}\ cm^2=\frac{164}{7}\ cm^2$

$=23.44\ cm^2$
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