Foundation - Containers

Foundation containers are used to make full width of the browsers at all times for the site and wrap the site contents.

The following table lists the down some of the containers used in Foundation −

Sr.No. Container & Description
1 Accordion

Accordions contain vertical tabs which are used on websites to expand and collapse large amount of data.

2 Callout

It places the content inside the component.

3 Dropdown-panes

It displays the content when you click the button.

4 Media Object

It adds media objects such as images, videos, blogs comments, etc. along with some content.

5 Off-canvas

It sets off the navigation menu from the visible area and displays the main content.

6 Reveal-Modal

Foundation allows creating modal dialogs or pop-up windows using reveal class.

7 Tables

Foundation provides layouts for displaying data in tabular format.

8 Tabs

It is a navigation based tab that displays the content into different panes without leaving the page.