Foundation - Kitchen Sink


It includes the Foundation elements to work with the web applications smoothly. The following table lists some of the Foundation components −

Sr.No. Component & Description
1 Accordion

Accordions contain vertical tabs which are used on websites to expand and collapse large amount of data.

2 Accordion Menu

It displays the collapsible menu with accordion effects.

3 Badge

Badges are similar to labels, which are used to highlight the information such as important notes and messages.

4 Breadcrumbs

It specifies the current location for a site within navigational hierarchy.

5 Buttons

Foundation supports standard buttons with different styles.

6 Callout

Callout is an element, which can be used to place the content inside.

7 Close Button

It is used to dismiss the alert box.

8 Drilldown Menu

Drilldown menu changes the nested lists into vertical drilldown menu.

9 Dropdown Menu

Dropdown menu is used for displaying links in a list format.

10 Dropdown Pane

Dropdown pane displays the content when you click the button.

11 Flex Video

It is used to create video objects in the web pages.

12 Float Classes

It is used to add utility classes to HTML elements.

13 Forms

It is used to create form layout to collect user input.

14 Label

Labels are inline styles, which define a label for an input element.

15 Media Object

It is used to add media objects such as images, video, blog comments etc. Which can be placed left or right of the content block.

16 Menu

It provides access to different modes in the website.

17 Pagination

It is a type of navigation that divides the content into a series of related pages.

18 Slider

It specifies the range of values by dragging a handle.

19 Switch

It is used to switch between on and off state.

20 Table

It represents the data in rows and columns format.

21 Tabs

It is a navigation based tab that displays the content into different panes without leaving the page.

22 Thumbnail

It styles the images in thumbnail shape.

23 Title Bar

It is used to display the current screen used by the user with other menu items.

24 Tooltip

It is small pop-up box that describes the information when you hover the mouse on the link.

25 Top Bar

It is used to create navigation header in the website.

26 Orbit

It is an easy and powerful slider that swipes the elements using the orbit class.