Foundation - Typography Helpers

In this chapter, we will study about Typography Helpers. Typography helpers are used to format your text in semantically relevant ways. Helper classes in Foundation let you to scaffold some typographic styles quicker.

The following table lists the Typography Helpers, which are used in Foundation.

Sr.No. Typography helper & Description
1 Text Alignment

It helps in changing the element's text alignment like left, right, center and justify.

2 Subheader

Subheaders can be added to any header element by using the .subheader class.

3 Lead Paragraph

It is considerably larger block of text compared to the normal text, which can be used for advertisement or other descriptive text.

4 Un-bulleted List

By default, the <ul> is a bulleted list in Foundation. To remove the bullets, you can use .no-bullet class.

5 Statistics

Whenever you are dealing with dashboard, you need to highlight some important numbers. You can achieve this by using .stat class.

Sass Reference


The following table lists the SASS variables in the project's settings file that makes the component's default styles to get customized.

Sr.No. Name & Description Type Default Value


Font size for lead paragraphs by default.

Number $global-font-size * 1.25


Line height for lead paragraph by default.

String 1.6


Subheader's default line height.

Number 1.4


Subheader's default font color.

Color $dark-gray


Subheader's default font weight.

String $global-weight-normal


Subheader's default top margin.

Number 0.2rem


Subheader's default bottom margin.

Number 0.5rem


Static number's default font size

Number 2.5rem